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    Sunshine or Drugs? Which is Better For Depression

    Sunshine, Food, Exercise And Supplements vs Drugs The majority of my patients who have come to me on anti-depressant drugs have been able to get off of them, with the help of some of the following recommendations. Some cases of depression are mostly the result of inadequate perfusion and thus an inadequately functioning brain. One […]

  • sleep

    The Sleep Checklist: How To Help Your Body Sleep

    Make Sure Of The Following Before Considering Sleep Sedatives Don’t Ignore Thirst Early In The Day. Many people don’t feel thirsty early in the day and forget to drink water. Then, during your activities over the course of the day, you continually breathe out water vapor and continually sweat at least small unnoticeable amounts. That […]

  • How To Get Kids To Eat Healthy – Part I

    Part I During at least some of childhood the grass is definitely greener elsewhere. One of the biggest challenges to your family’s healthy lifestyle is your children’s perception that other people are privileged simply because they eat differently. The parents’ strategic awareness and preparation for the child’s fascination with the Standard American Diet (SAD) is […]

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    Halloween: How To Do It Healthier This Year

    A Healthy Halloween As a primary care physician, I see the first real wave of the cold season in the first few weeks after Halloween. Typically, patients will come in with runny nose, sore throat, cough, etc., with a story that goes something like this: “Well, the kids brought home these huge bags of Halloween […]

  • Herb Of The Month: Prickly Pear

    Prickly Pear (Nopal In Spanish; Opuntia In Latin) Our herb of the month is an edible one, often eaten as a vegetable for its medicinal benefit. Prickly pear cactus is a ubiquitous sight throughout the Southwest, with a wider range of growth than most cacti species, and is a very attractive one now for its […]

  • natural

    FAQ Regarding My Treatment Of Cancer

    How do you treat cancer? I am a primary care physician, a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. I use natural treatments for cancer and other diseases. That is I use no chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. However, I do work with oncologists, the formal name for doctors who are cancer specialists. How do you work with oncologists? There […]

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    5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Health

    5 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Health Externalize stress. Internalize joy. Eat foods in their raw, natural state. Get sunshine every week. Exercise. Externalize Stress This is the hardest of the five on this list, but essential to maintaining good health. In stressful situations, adrenalin, which is now known as epinephrine, is […]

  • Low Thyroid: High Incidence In The U.S.

    Low Thyroid The thyroid gland, one of the most unremarkable features of our anatomy, not even large enough usually to make a bulge at the front of the neck where it resides, is actually quite important to good health and well-being. People with severe hypothyroidism, the clinical term for low thyroid function, have rather obvious […]

  • Sports Nutrition Basics

    Sports Nutrition Basics This is the first in a series of articles on nutrition for special needs. The following is from a talk I recently gave at Whole Foods in Tempe Arizona to runners getting ready for a marathon. I reprint it here, because the principles below apply equally to all sports participants, even if […]

  • Herb Of The Month: Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia)

    Herb Of The Month: Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) Tea tree oil is a very popular product in health food stores, very handy for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effect, while being safe for topical use. Sometimes athlete’s foot and toenail fungus will respond better to repeated applications of tea tree oil than with any other application. […]

  • Herb Of The Month: Wood Betony

    Herb Of The Month: Wood Betony Wood betony   Wood betony or Stachys betonica was so highly prized in Europe that an Old Italian proverb advised: “Sell your coat and buy betony.” The Medicina Britannica of the 17th century primarily extols its virtues with regard to headache, claiming that “I have known the most obstinate […]

  • Cheap Meat: An Accident Waiting To Happen

    By Jo Robinson The latest fiasco in the U.S. livestock industry is that thousands of hogs and chickens have been raised on feed contaminated with melamine, the same chemical that has sickened thousands of cats and dogs. According to the U.S.D.A., some meat from those hogs and chickens has already entered our food supply. How […]

  • Herb Of The Month: Coleus Forskohlii

    Herb Of The Month: Coleus Forskohlii Coleus forskohlii is a useful herb for a number of applications. It may be most useful in that it increases intracellular amounts of cyclic AMP. This is a naturally occurring compound in the body that allows for a lot of different cellular functions. One of the functions it seems […]

  • toxic

    Pharmaceuticals In The Drinking Water

    The Pharmaceuticals In Drinking Water An Associated Press investigation this March found a vast array of miscellaneous pharmaceuticals in the drinking water that supplies the households of at least 41 million Americans. These include antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones from oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy. These last drugs have previously been shown […]

  • Origanum vulgare

    Herb Of The Month: Wild Marjoram

    Herb of the Month: Wild Marjoram (Origanum vulgare) Wild Marjoram (Origanum vulgare) has been used since ancient times as a remedy for poisonings with narcotics. One of the features of this plant that enables such a detoxification is that it is a “diaphoretic” which means that it will cause sweating. It is also a carminative, […]

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    101 Great Ways To Improve Your Health

    Ideas to Improve Your Health The following is a talk I gave recently at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, Arizona. I was signing the book that I recently co-authored, 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health The title of this book is 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health, which has 101 chapters each written […]

  • bread

    The Bread Trap

    Bread is a vehicle. In a sandwich, it drives other food neatly and with little spillage into a bag or wrapper, into a lunchbox and then to the mouth. Popular at drive-ins, the sandwich can be sort of neatly eaten with one hand while the other hand sort of competently manages the steering wheel. Bread […]