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  • Colleen Huber, NMD’s Cancer & Biochemistry 26


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  • Cancer & Biochemistry 11

    Dr. Colleen Huber discusses exercise, mitochondria & cancer.

  • Cancer & Biochemistry 10 CoQ10 and Cancer

    Colleen Huber, NMD reviews the role of CoQ10 and Cancer.

  • Cancer & Biochemistry 9

    Dr. Colleen Huber reviews vitamin B12 and its role regarding cancer.

  • Cancer & Biochemistry 8

    Dr. Colleen Huber reviews vitamin B7 and its role regarding cancer.

  • Cancer & Biochemistry 7

    Dr. Colleen Huber reviews vitamin B5 and its role regarding cancer.

  • Cancer & Biochemistry 6

    VITAMIN C AND ITS ROLE AGAINST CANCER Vitamin C has been appreciated for decades for its role against cancer as a pro-oxidant, which I will talk about in this video. However, recent research has shown why vitamin C’s effect in killing cancer is more permanent than the effect of chemotherapy, and I will talk about […]

  • Cancer & Biochemistry 5

    WHAT IS ADENINE’S ROLE AGAINST CANCER? Hello, I am Dr. Colleen Huber. It is May 18, 2018, and today I want to talk to you about a nutrient that you have likely never even heard of – adenine, which used to be called Vitamin B4, but not so much anymore, because now we know that […]

  • Cancer & Biochemistry 4

    HOW EXACTLY DOES SUGAR FEED CANCER? If you have not seen my video on vitamins B2 and B3, you may want to look at that one to see how normal bodily processes use those two vitamins for a very essential anti-cancer process, a process that all of our normal cells undergo all the time: oxidative […]

  • Cancer & Biochemistry 3

    In 2014, our clinic did the largest and longest study in medical history on sugar intake in cancer patients, and we still hold the record till the present: What did we find? Here is the bottom line: Cancer patients who avoided sweetened foods had more than TWICE the survival of those who consumed sweetened foods. […]

  • Cancer & Biochemistry 2

    Dr. Colleen Huber discusses what makes cancer act differently than normal tissues and organs.

  • Cancer & Biochemistry 1

    Dr. Colleen Huber discusses how does cancer happen & what does vitamin B1 do.