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Since 2006

Nature Works Best is a natural integrative cancer clinic located in Tempe, Arizona, that focuses on natural, holistic, integrative and alternative cancer treatments. Our metabolic treatments have proved to be an effective alternative to traditional chemotherapy and radiation, which we do not use in our metabolic treatments. Some patients have opted to also have chemotherapy or radiation. We fully respect patient choice in such important decisions. Surgery has often been very useful for our patients.

  • Our team of naturopathic medical doctors have administered over 52,000 IV nutrient treatments, used for all stages and types of tumors.
  • As of July 2014, we have calculated that 80% of patients who completed our metabolic treatments, regardless of diet, went into confirmed or assumed remission.
  • 85% of patients who completed our metabolic treatments and followed our food plan went into confirmed or assumed remission. You can verify this data for yourself if you look at the “total” line of Table 5, which is on page 30, in the treatment paper at this link.  That Table 5 refers to data presented in Tables 1, 2, 3 and 4.  We invite you to take a simple calculator and “crunch the numbers,” to see if you come up with the same percentages that we do.

Why do we say “confirmed or assumed” remission?  Because some patients opt for more thorough imaging than others.

Meet Our Team

  • Dr. Huber

    Dr. Huber founded the NatureWorksBest Clinic in
    Tempe, Arizona in 2006…

  • Dr. Bradford

    Dr. Alan Bradford, N.M.D., is a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor. After graduating with honors with a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition at Arizona State University…

  • Dr. Spooner

    Dr. Carol Spooner has been serving the East Valley as a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) since 2008.  She has incorporated integrative medicine into her practice…

  • Erik Wagner, FNP

    Erik Wagner, FNP has over a decade experience as a chiropractor.  Chiropractors are one of the doctoral healthcare professionals with nutrition built into the curriculum.  These days…

  • Dr. Ellie Wright

    Dr. Ellie Wright (DrEl) graduated from Sonora University in 2015. She acquired experienced by doing an internship at True North in California and working at Alternative Meds Center in Sedona…

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Melanie’s Story


We are the only cancer clinic we know of to publish all of our data, anonymously, on all patients up through 2014, and topic-focused questionnaires of patients since then, because we think you want to know the whole truth about what has happened at our clinic, rather than only cherry-picked success stories.  That information is at this link.  This kind of full disclosure is considered unorthodox procedure for any kind of clinic, including cancer clinics.

Please remember that past performance is no guarantee of future results. Your results may or may not differ from results obtained by others.

Actual clinical results may vary by co-morbidities, stage of cancer, exposure to toxins, diet, activity level, lifestyle, among other factors, seen and unforeseen.

No one in this clinic will guarantee whether you will achieve remission, or how long your treatment would need to be to achieve remission. Patients should be aware that there is no one silver bullet against cancer, and throughout history, many have had disappointing results while putting “all their eggs in one basket.” On the contrary, cancer attacks the body in seven major ways, and therefore requires multiple strategies to defeat it, even to the point of some redundancy. (Please click on “Documented” above for more information about that.) Therefore, your provider at this clinic compiles for you a suggested treatment plan of a combination of synergistic, historically validated and non-toxic strategies, with knowledge and experience regarding your specific type of cancer, its causes, and the affected organs, which work best in combination as prescribed. To skip or defer treatments that our providers suggest contradicts their experiences with best outcomes, and may lead you to have disappointing results.

Our clinic is 17 years in existence with seven decades of combined healthcare experience among our providers​. Our data consist of all patients who were treated by us for at least 2 weeks from 2006 to 2014, with ongoing focused questionnaires of all current patients since then. We publish on this site all of the data we have ever gathered at our clinic. Traditional oncology is much larger and has far more patients in their history.

Please plan on a *maximum* of one visitor with the patient in the consult. We have found that family dynamics distract from the patient, their concerns and their needs.

Conventional cancer treatments may also be used by our patients, and you may read or consult elsewhere about the risks/benefits of those. You, as the patient, are always free to explore all of those treatment options at any time.

Every clinic has difficulty getting late stage cancer patients into remission. The more widespread your cancer when you start our metabolic treatments, the harder it is to be successful. We cannot emphasize strongly enough how important it is to start treatment early in the cancer journey, not late. It is much harder, sometimes impossible, for us to get late stage cancer into remission.

Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Results.

Intravenous Nutrient, Baking Soda Cancer Treatments

The intravenous nutrients are tailored specifically to each patient’s condition and chosen for their targeted, time tested, and research-documented anti-cancer, or tumor fighting effect. The nutrients we use are different for each patient, but some of nutrients used may include a combination of Vitamin-C, Sodium Bicarbonate, DMSO, in addition to many others. Before we have done a full workup we cannot know which of these nutrients may be used for your treatment, if they are used at all. These treatments are made specifically for each patient, their type and stage of malignancy and may be used exclusively or as a supplement to chemo and radiation.

Optimal Diet – What Do Cancer Survivors Eat?

97 of our survivors responded promptly (before preparation for publication) to our July 2015 questionnaire on what they eat. Others responded later; others have not yet found the time for our detailed questionnaire. We cannot find any other clinic in the world that even has anywhere near so many simultaneous cancer survivors to fill out a questionnaire. What do cancer survivors eat? For subsets of survivors who are ALL in remission, what foods do they have in common? Should their foods influence the diets of people still struggling with the disease?

Sugar and Cancer Connection

In 2014, our clinic completed the longest and largest (up to that date and still as of this writing) interventional study in medical history on sugar intake in cancer patients. It was reported very briefly by 7,000 media outlets around the world, and then as with a lot of new developments, it did not receive further attention. The study involved 317 adult patients, which were all of the patients seen for almost seven years up to July 1, 2013 at our clinic. It involved intravenous nutrients for patients staying at least two weeks in our care, as well as a dietary intervention: sweetener restriction. The results showed that regardless of the type of malignancy or the stage, those patients who avoided sugar in the diet had more than twice the rate of survival of the sugar eaters. Of those who ate sugar, 36% went into remission; of those who avoided sugar, 90% went into remission.

Sugar Intake & Cancer Study

Books We’ve Authored

In Please Bless the Refreshments, Dr. Bradford and Dr. Sexton explore the connection between faith, religion, and healthy living. Healthy living is more than just what you put in your mouth to eat. There are multiple components to help one achieve optimal health.

Dr. Bradford and Dr. Sexton dive into an essential, but rarely discussed, topic. Cultural heritage, social milieu and religious community are all basic factors that create the patterns that we live by: even sleep cycles, activity patterns and what we eat. Focusing mostly on the latter, the authors look at a background of contemporary American upbringing in a culture that celebrates the nutritional impoverishment of the Standard American Diet. They step back and examine culturally reinforced patterns of eating. This the first step in making better choices. As naturopathic physicians, these two doctors are by training among the best qualified to lead the way forward toward more informed choices of high quality foods.

Manifesto for a Cancer Patient

What choices do cancer patients have? Why do those choices seem so few? This book is a manifesto for patient rights and a manual through the cancer journey, from a doctor’s perspective. A newly diagnosed cancer patient is told: “There is nothing else that works against your cancer except chemotherapy and radiation. So you are going to start chemo now.”

It doesn’t have to be this way. Completely different treatments for cancer exist and are discussed in this book.

Cancer patients who choose naturopathic treatments over chemotherapy are berated by those who had already decided on a treatment plan. Naturopathic physicians treat cancer patients, and are criticized by paradigm doctors. Is the war against cancer, or against alternatives to the status quo?

Choose Your Foods Like Your Life Depends On Them

Examine the relationship between the foods you eat and the symptoms you manifest. We eat our way into our symptoms, and we can eat our way back out.

This book offers a challenge along with redemption: Forget everything you ate until today, and start over. The choice is between a set of foods that will nourish you and enhance your longevity on the one hand, and the foods that tear you down subtly and gradually on the other. More importantly, that choice is always in front of you. You can turn around bad habits, bad choices and the resulting bad symptoms at any time. Here are some strategies to get started. Do it now, because you’re better off preserving the health you have than letting it deteriorate.

Books That Feature Our Clinic

  • Americas Best Cancer Doctors and Their Secrets

  • Defeat cancer book

Our Metabolic Treatment Results

We have not found any better reported and documented results from any other cancer clinic.  If you do, please let us know.  We invite other clinics to also publish their full data from patient experiences, so that patients may have access to full disclosure of such essential information for their decision-making process.

We have calculated that 85% of patients who completed our metabolic treatments and followed our food plan went into remission, and/or stay well long-term (93% of Stage 1 through early Stage 4 patients).  You can verify this data for yourself if you look at the “total” lines of Table 5, which is on page 30, in the treatment paper at this link.  That Table 5 refers to data presented in Tables 1, 2, 3 and 4. We invite you to take a simple calculator and “crunch the numbers,” to see if you come up with the same percentages that we do.  As of July 2014, 379 cancer patients have come to our clinic in stages 1, 2, 3 or 4.  Of those going into remission, it has taken an average of from 3 to 8 months from when we first met with them to confirmation of total remission (no tumor load left in the body, or in the case of leukemia, normal labs).

Our Patients Feel Better & Their Energy Comes Back

Conventional treatments tend to debilitate the body and make patients lose their energy, lose their hair, and often cause long-term side effects. Most of the patients who follow our metabolic treatments, and who are not very late stage, start feeling better . . .  Some work; others are retired. Some go hiking or swimming or play golf. Many of those under retirement age still work at their jobs while getting treatments. That kind of well-being and strength and vitality shown by these patients usually begins within several weeks after we start treating them, long before we have evidence from the Ultrasound or CT scans, MRI or PET scans of tumors turning necrotic, or shrinking tumors, or tumors turning to inactive tissue.

Your best opportunity is to begin the natural integrative treatments before the conventional treatments (chemo, radiation, etc.) sicken and weaken you and ultimately strengthen the disease. Many of our patients who opted for only natural treatments reported they did not get sick and saw no side effects. The majority of those who came to us with cancer are now survivors, whether in confirmed remission, or waiting for that confirmation, because they have completed our program and followed our food plan.

We Publish All of Our Results

We publish all of our results, both our successes and our failures, and we count every person who walks through our doors and stays with our metabolic treatments for at least two weeks. Many of the big cancer clinics have a habit of rejecting patients because they are “too sick” and will “ruin their statistics.” We have never turned away a person for being “too sick;” no matter what their condition; every patient of every stage is welcomed and counted in our statistics. We would like to urge people to come to our clinic and start treatments before their bodies have been destroyed by chemotherapy and radiation. If you are thinking about doing an alternative cancer treatment, our clinic has consistently been producing the best results of any clinic in the world, and we can treat it successfully without the usual debilitating side effects.

Read the full report here – All the results from the beginning of our clinic

  • Results AND
    Quality of Life

    We have developed what we believe is the most effective cancer treatments that we can find, and we do it without the side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation. Take the First Step In Your Healing Process Call Us (480) 839-2800
  • It is not enough to correct genetic damage and neglect to reverse all other cancer-causing problems. It is not enough to stop angiogenesis and neglect to reverse all other tumor-causing problems. It is not enough to attack metastases and leave the primary tumor in a comfortable environment. In order to defeat cancer it must be attacked at every level and with every method necessary to reverse cancer’s multi-pronged assault on the body, even if that means that some of the various treatments have redundant effects. And this all must be accomplished while maintaining the maximum possible well being of the patient, and without sickening or weakening the patient. – Dr. Colleen Huber

What Medical Doctors Say About Our Clinic

  • “I’ve never seen labs like that improve. Those vitamin treatments seem to be working.” – a Mayo oncologist
  • “I don’t know what that other doctor gave you that cured your cancer, but I’m glad it did!” – Dr. MJ, oncologist
  • “We support this decision… given Dr. Huber’s successful protocol with cancer patients.” – Dr. EC, Primary care physician
  • “I’m proud of you, Mom. You picked a good clinic.” A medical doctor to his mom, a breast cancer patient
  • “I have nothing better to offer you for your cancer. Keep doing what your doing” – Dr. RK, oncologist
  • “This is kind of a miracle.  If you were doing chemo, I would tell you to stop doing chemo now.” — a MD who did not know that the patient was getting our treatments.

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