Facts About Cancer That May Surprise You

Colleen Huber, NMD

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Facts About Cancer That Will Likely Surprise You

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1) The worst thing you can eat while having cancer is sweeteners (sugar, fructose, artificial sweeteners, honey, maple syrup, etc. But stevia is okay. (p.4)

2) It is not a good idea to postpone natural treatments until after chemotherapy stops working. (p.23).

3) Sometimes our treatments did not succeed, but it cannot be assumed that conventional treatments would succeed when ours did not. (p.27).

4) Many people do not get a prompt confirmation of remission, but do well year after year anyway. (p.29).

5) A cancer patient who starts to feel better and stronger may sometimes develop a strange viewpoint that cancer is not very threatening, because they were able to defeat it so easily. (Most people know better than this.) (p.28).

6) There are people who wait years with a visible growing mass before seeing a doctor. (I wouldn’t do that if I were you.) (p.26).

7) Early Stage IV patients usually do well with our treatments. Late Stage IV patients have not been so lucky. (Table 5, pp. 24-25).

8) Surgery has combined with natural treatments very successfully in many cases. (p.25).

9) One way of looking at the status of cancer patients is to contact them every year and ask how they’re doing. It’s a lot more practical than expecting everybody to keep getting PET/CT scans. (p.22)

10) Forget finding a “magic bullet” for cancer. The reason that cancer still has such a high mortality rate is that the oncologists are going about it all wrong. You have to counteract every single mechanism that cancer uses to assault the body, and it all must happen simultaneously. And the only way a patient is going to tolerate that is with natural treatments, because they are tolerable, and chemotherapy is poorly tolerated. Only by doing this, do you have a good chance of defeating cancer. (pp.1, 3-4)

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