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  • dr huber

    Exercise and Oxygen

    If there was a single treatment that I could give to my cancer patients, one that is free of charge for life, tremendously effective and much safer to have than not have, that would be exercise. Conversely, I have never seen any more widespread threats to duration and quality of life than these three risky […]

  • Sugar cancer

    Which Sweeteners Are Healthy?

    Which Sweeteners Are Healthy? Which sweeteners are healthy to eat? Do some sweeteners cause cancer? There are many questions around natural and artificial sweeteners that we will touch on in this article. While many of the illnesses associated with cane sugar are still major health concerns especially in the United States, high fructose corn syrup […]

  • Fed Up the movie

    “Fed Up” Film Review

    “Fed Up” Film Review by Colleen Huber, NMD May 16, 2014 Fed Up is a movie that manages to present an enormous number of statistics in such an engaging way that you don’t realize to what extent you are learning and thinking through the whole 90 minutes. The subject of Fed Up is the obesity […]