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  • Sugar is to Cancer as Gas is to Fire stop eating sugar and cancer stops growing.

    Sugar: The Fuel That Feeds Cancer Growth

    Sugar and Cancer is There a Connection? View the Study Colleen Huber, NMD Our clinic which focuses on holistic, naturopathic, and alternative cancer treatments conducted the largest and longest study on sugar consumption in cancer patients, and the results were stark. Previous research has shown that high blood sugar has been risky for certain types […]

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    Nutrition & Health

    Quality Whole Foods Are The Currency Of Life Whether you believe in creation, or evolution or are undecided, most of us would agree that our bodies (that is our anatomy and physiology and biochemistry – which is really just how we process food and what we do with it) is substantially the same as that […]

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    Which Sweeteners Are Healthy?

    Which Sweeteners Are Healthy? Which sweeteners are healthy to eat? Do some sweeteners cause cancer? There are many questions around natural and artificial sweeteners that we will touch on in this article. While many of the illnesses associated with cane sugar are still major health concerns especially in the United States, high fructose corn syrup […]

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    Dr. Weston Price – Widespread Disease Is A Modern Phenomenon

    Dr. Weston Price – Widespread Disease Is A Modern Phenomenon We know from studying isolated traditional societies, people who are relatively untouched by civilization, that what is good for younger people is generally good for older people. There are some important exceptions that I will get to later. The first modern researcher to take a […]

  • Cure For The Common Cold

    As a primary care physician and Naturopathic Medical Doctor, I have the opportunity to see the common cold in its various stages, from earliest sneezes to the poor, miserable patient whose cold has dragged on for weeks. When a cold strikes there is a small window of opportunity to turn it around, before the full […]

  • Natural Alternatives To Ritalin And Adderall

    The Natural Alternatives To Ritalin And Adderall One might expect an article on this topic to mention an educational setting, specific nutrients or perhaps even a time-honored folk remedy for ADD/ADHD children, all of which will be mentioned later in this article. Such treatments, as well as the standard pharmaceuticals, Ritalin and Adderall, all start […]