Chemotherapy Increases Risk of Metastasis

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Colleen Huber, NMD

It is a long-held (and heavily purchased) dogmatic belief that chemotherapy is the weapon of choice against cancer.  There are some problems with this:

One, there usually is no choice given.  Newly diagnosed cancer patients are not told that there are any options other than chemotherapy.  If a patient suggests to the oncologist that alternatives exist, that patient is usually told:  But your cancer would respond especially well to chemotherapy.

Two, chemotherapy is been oversold for its anti-cancer effect, and has been falsely promoted as effective against all cancers.  A July 2017 article in Science Translational Medicine [1] found that chemotherapy actually increases the risk of metastasis.  This is what makes cancer especially deadly and beyond medical control.

Although chemotherapy generally dramatically reduces the size of tumors, not only does the remaining cancer metastasize more readily, but it also becomes more resilient to all subsequent treatment.

After 10 years of working with cancer patients, I have become more and more convinced that the worst thing a cancer patient can do is choose to have chemotherapy.  Those are the people who get sick and die, in my experience.  Whereas those who avoid it have generally had much better success[2] in eliminating cancer from their bodies for the long-term.

Chemotherapy has been a financial boon to hospitals.  Whereas “health” insurance has been slow or stubborn about paying for cheaper alternatives, those same insurance companies lavish enormous sums on oncology clinics for exorbitantly priced chemotherapy drugs, some of which can cost upward of $40,000 per dose.

The chemotherapy paradigm has been a misguided paradigm for cancer treatment, ever since it was first recycled from World War I and II chemical weapons.  Isn’t it time to consider the many safe and effective natural alternatives [3] that exist?

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[2] Huber C Defeating cancer requires more than one treatment methods: a 10-year retrospective case series using multiple nutritional and herbal agents, 2016 update.

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