I feel so blessed to be here at Nature Works Best Cancer Clinic. I have loved meeting with Doctor Huber and learning from her wealth of knowledge. I love the nurses and other patients here. It feels like a family Atmosphere. I love that there is an alternative to chemo and radiation which is much safer. Also, the results speak for themselves and you feel good while doing your treatments. Rebecca S.


I haven’t felt so good since when I was in my 20’s.  The staff is kind and friendly.  I highly recommend this clinic to anyone that has cancer. – Dave O.


I feel a lot more energized after my treatment.  My doctor is amazing, and I love the atmosphere of this clinic. -Krista G.


Last year my mother was diagnosed with stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma (breast cancer). By pure coincidence, I came across Dr. Colleen Huber from Nature Works Best Clinic in Tempe, Arizona. I immediately read and watched everything I could find on her and the clinic. We set up a phone call and she explained how she would approach dealing with my mother’s cancer. We decided to go visit her for treatments and here we stand not three months since and my mom’s now in remission!! Needless to say I recommend Dr. Colleen Huber and her clinic Nature Works Best and sing their praises to all who care to listen. If you ave been diagnosed with cancer I know this course of action is hard to decide. All I can say is do your research. I know the road less traveled is a hard one, but my mom says this is the best she has ever felt in her life; and her cancer is gone so we couldn’t be more pleased. (5 stars on RateMDs.com)


I really like my doctor.  He is very knowledgeable.  I feel like I chose the right cancer treatment center to come to. -Beverly M.


This is the most positive and healing place.  I’m feeling better every week.  I am so grateful I found it. -Dana W. (From our Facebook page )


Who knows if this works.  But I went and they gave me an IV of vitamins.  I feel good and I’m healthy.  The people in there are cancer survivors.  They looked good.  It seems to me that it could help prevent cancer and is a better alternative than chemo. -Jon B. (from our Yelp review)


Getting a diagnosis of cancer is devastating not only to the patient but to the patient’s family.  The shock of the Big C diagnosis certainly left us bewildered as to what to do.  My family physician referred me to the traditional cancer center for the traditional treatment for breast cancer.  I walked into that center with my mammogram and reports in hand, but turned right around and walked out.  It just was not the place for me.  So, now what?  Fortunately, a web search for alternative holistic cancer treatments listed Nature Works Best.  I called and Lori made an immediate appointment for me.  She scheduled me with Dr. K. Lashutka.  He reviewed my reports and assured me that he had a plan.  He was caring, thoughtful, understanding, but most of all knowledgeable, very knowledgeable.  He took all the fear out of my diagnosis with his logical, thorough explanation and plan.  He worked in conjunction with a traditional surgeon, oncologist, and other physicians to develop just the right approach for me.  The treatments he prescribed were administered at the center by the most amazing team of nurses.  Their sunny dispositions and dedications to the cure made the days fly by.  Today, I am at the end of my treatment and I am cancer free!  How do I say thank you to those who saved my life!  What they do is nothing short of a modern miracle. -Carol B.


The doctors are very friendly and listen to your concerns and needs. They go out of their way to help their patients. -Johnathan P.


I am having really great results with these treatments. The doctors here actually listen to you. -Jennifer R.


Nature Works Best has been a wonderful experience for me.  All of the doctors are very knowledgeable, and you can tell that they truly care about how you are doing.  All of the nurses are very friendly, and they are so good at administering the IVs that it is not stressful in any way.  The IV room is really comfortable; you don’t feel like you’re at a doctor’s office at all.  I never have to worry about what’s going into the IVs, because they use high quality ingredients.  I’m so very thankful to have found this clinic. -Misty S.


In January 2015, I was diagnosed with lung cancer, Stage IV for the 3rd time, with a large metastasis in my neck. At that time I went through surgery, 2 chemotherapy rounds and one round of radiation.  My medical oncologist prescribed Tarceva, and my radiation oncologist schedule 20 radiation treatments.  A PET scan in March 2015 showed a shrinkage of about 30%.  During one of my visits with my oncologist he explained that the tumor will eventually get resistant to the chemo drug.  Another PET scan in October 2015 confirmed that the tumor was already resistant because it was still the same size as in March.

Now my husband and I had to look for alternatives.  On one of the internet searches we came across Nature Works Best Cancer Clinic in Tempe, AZ.  We set up an initial appointment with Dr. Nguyen, which was about an hour.  Before my first appointment I dropped off my whole medical history.  During my initial appointment I got about 14 pages of detailed instructions.  Dr. Nguyen went in detail over the whole treatment plan including IV, nutrition and essential treatment guidelines.

In the beginning, I felt overwhelmed about changing every aspect of my life.  The hard part was to organize and change my life around my treatment plan.  It started with a complete change of my diet, daily exercises, meditation and herbal supplements.  The easy part was the IV treatment.  But after a couple of weeks it became routine.  At least twice a week I have about ½ hour to discuss about treatment, diet and everything in my life with Dr. Nguyen.

I’ve never had such an intensive care as well as a great relationship to a doctor.  I always felt like I was being treated as a family member or a friend.

Everyone at Nature Works Best Cancer Clinic has a great personality and is always here to answer questions and concerns.  The staff is very friendly, helpful and cheerful.  The best part of all is that there are no side effects from this treatment with the exception of much more energy and improvement of quality of life.

A MRI in February 2016 showed a reduction of the cancer by more than 70!

If I would have known that there are alternatives to the standard treatments of cancer (like surgery, chemo or radiation) I would have started right away with the naturopathic cancer treatment.  I can say that chemo and radiation had a huge negative impact on my life.  In comparison the naturopathic treatment has no negative side effects and had a great positive impact on my lifestyle.

I would like to thank EVERYONE at the clinic for their support and I can personally recommend Nature Works Best Cancer Clinic to everyone who got diagnosed with cancer. -Gerda B.


I took treatments from Dr. Huber for about 4 months.  I am now cancer free.  I was so impressed with her knowledge and caring as a doctor.  Her entire staff was helpful and knowledgeable at all times.  Saw for myself other patients that came to the clinic seeming on deaths door and made such an amazing recovery.  If you have cancer, Dr. Huber’s clinic is the place to be.  Everything she told me would happen, did happen.  I am forever grateful for her care and will continue the protocol that she advises to stay cancer free.  An amazing doctor!!! -Debbie R. (on Rate MDs)


Dr. Huber knew what to do and it was effective and immediate relief.  There were a few things going on and now I’m scared of nothing!  Believe me, I was terrified before, but her treatments were surprising fast working!  (5 stars on RateMDs.com)