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Vitamin C Cancer Treatment – Chemo Without the Side Effects

As the United States media becomes concentrated into ownership of the very few, we lose access to complete information about what is really happening in every field of human endeavor. Specifically, in the case of medicine, the problem of media blackouts on natural medicine is further compounded by the immense power of the pharmaceutical industry. That industry’s massive advertising budgets have had obvious influence over the editorial slant of many publications and other media. As a result, there are extraordinarily effective natural treatments for cancer like vitamin c injections or baking soda injections that never make the airwaves, and that cancer patients may only hear about from their oncologists, and then in the form of dire warnings to the patient not to distract himself or herself from chemotherapy.

An excellent review of natural cancer treatments, written by a top-notch cancer researcher, is The Cancer Industry, by Ralph Moss, PhD.

Fortunately, there are still some institutions on this earth that have not been entirely bought and paid for by special interests, such as the Nobel Prize Committee. The chemist Linus Pauling was one of those extremely rare individuals to have actually won two Nobel prizes. Of Pauling’s prodigious life work, his research with high-dose vitamin c injections has probably had the most far-reaching effect in the lives of an increasing number of people.

Dr. Linus Pauling – Vitamin C Kills Cancer Cells

Dr. Pauling showed that for all the various kinds of cancer that one can acquire, Vitamin C injections induces apoptosis. In other words, it kills cancer cells. It does this without inducing more pain or side effects, within weeks to months, and for a small fraction of the cost of chemotherapy. He showed that some go into remission completely on Vitamin C injections alone (which I have verified in my own medical practice), and that for other more severe and late-stage cases, lengthening of life and easing of pain are the rule rather than the exception.

As a result of Pauling’s work and my own previous healing of cancer patients, I offer this therapy to cancer patients at any stage of their diagnosis. I inject high-dose intravenous Vitamin C injections (with other anti-cancer nutrients) to these patients, and have had them respond well. I have worked with Stage One through Stage Four cancers, from fairly benign to as life-threatening as pancreatic cancer. I have had cancer patients go into remission in as little as seven weeks on my intravenous Vitamin C cancer therapy and other nutrient therapy alone. And I have had others with more intractable tumors, for whom the tumors never really went away, but rather encapsulated in scar tissue, which rendered them neither growing nor shrinking, but more like tough shells of what they were, reduced from the high-dose blood supply that enabled their previous growth. These patients are now stable and holding their own.

Into Remission Without Quitting Smoking!

We have even had a throat cancer patient (cancer of the pharynx) go into remission without quitting smoking! Of course, we urged the patient to quit smoking, but fortunately the Vitamin C was more formidable than even the damage done by cigarettes.

Patients are often nervous about the prospect of embarking on a treatment without the blessing of their oncologist or other physicians. To ease these concerns, I make clear to my patients that I am happy to consult with other physicians regarding their case, and to see if there is some way that conventional treatments may also be offered to the patient.

There are some benefits to be gained from the conventional cancer treatments, depending on the case, and I do encourage my patients to look into all of their options. In general, surgical removal of a resectable tumor is a good idea, when it is possible.

All of the conventional therapies have been successfully combined with high dose intravenous Vitamin C therapy, without detriment to the patient. In fact, it has been found by many Vitamin C patients that it strengthens them when their other treatments leave them nauseated and weak. It also has had a markedly beneficial effect on the pain that accompanies cancer and the conventional therapies.

On the other hand, there are patients who have had enough of conventional medicine, or at least of conventional cancer treatments, and who choose to come to me exclusively. I do not turn these patients away either, and I have actually had my fastest successes usually with this type of patient.

If You Don’t Have Cancer, Here Are The Basic Ways To Prevent It

Whole, Natural, Unprocessed Foods

Cancer prevention cannot be mentioned without discussing the massively beneficial effects of diet. One thing that even the mainstream now agrees on is that vegetables and fruits are essential to preventing cancer. The reason is simple: these are the foods that our ancestors thrived on, and on which they were able to avoid the debilitating chronic diseases that plague our contemporary populations. These are also, not so coincidentally, the foods from which our ancestors derived most of their Vitamin C.

Don’t Eat Sugar

Avoiding sugars and other processed foods is also very important, because such foods generally weaken immune system defenses against cancer, and overload the body with free radicals, substances that set into motion the chain of cellular-level events that lead to cancer, if unchecked.

However, here is a little-mentioned but very important thing to consider with regard to cancer prevention:

Get Enough Sleep

A brain chemical called melatonin is essential for at least two reasons: it enables the brain to go into the sleep state and stay there all night. It is also one of the most powerful fighters of free radicals in our bodies. That means that while we sleep melatonin is fighting off pre-cancerous changes before they can take hold. Cancer has long been observed to be more prevalent among nightworkers, especially those who must have strong lights shining during the night, than others. This is most likely related to the fact that melatonin shuts off when strong light hits the eyes.

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