Alternative Cancer Treatment in the US

Alternative Cancer Treatment in Arizona

Anything that has cancer fighting properties can be labelled as an “alternative cancer treatment,” but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be an effective treatment. At NatureWorksBest Clinic we are Naturopathic Medical Doctors who have studied many different natural substances and their effects on malignant cells. At our clinic we use intravenous nutrient infusions of several different tumor fighting agents, such as Vitamin-C, Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), and DMSO to name a few. Each patient’s IV is specifically tailored to their condition and the treatments are typically three times a week and last for about an hour; each treatment the patient gets a visit with their doctor where they can discuss the treatment and anything that is happening in your body as the treatment progresses. Patients who come to our clinic are usually in treatment for three months but they can be here longer depending on their specific condition.

Do Your Cancer Treatments Work?

The simple answer is yes, our treatments are extremely effective at successfully fighting cancer, and our alternative approach allows us to fight tumors without the side effects of main stream treatments. Ninety percent of patients who complete our alternative treatments as prescribed by one of our doctors and follow our simple food plan go into remission. We all know every patient is different and at a different stage, if you take these variables as well as the current state of health for the patient these numbers may vary. We welcome you to read our results page which lists every single patient that has come to our clinic. You can see what types of cancer they had, at what stage they came to us, and what the results were. Some types and stages have a remission rate higher than 90%, for example a stage one or two breast cancer patient, and some are lower than 90%. But these treatments have showed to be extremely successful at treating all types and at all different stages of cancer.

Are There Side Effects?

Our treatments are all natural, we only use natural herbs, vitamins, and substances found in nature and there are no lasting side effects like with chemotherapy or radiation. Our first rule as is to do no harm to our patients, we make sure that our treatments strengthen the body and give it what it needs to fight tumors on all levels. You can’t just stop the angiogenesis if you don’t reverse all the other malignancy causing problems. It isn’t enough to fix genetic damage if you fail to reverse all the other tumor causing problems. It isn’t enough to fight metastases and leave the primary tumor alone. In order to defeat cancer, it has to be attacked on all levels and with all methods necessary to reverse cancer’s multi-pronged attack on the body, even if that entails treatments that have redundant effects. All of this needs to be done while sustaining the maximum possible well-being of our patient; without weakening, sicking, or harming the patient.

We do have patients who choose to get our natural treatments along side of conventional treatments, and for those patients we find that they handle the conventional treatments much better when taken in concert with our natural treatments. If you are interested in learning more about our clinic, we suggest scheduling a consultation with a doctor and setting up an appointment for your first treatment at our clinic. You can contact us here or give us a call +1-480-839-2800.

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