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    What Should a Cancer Patient Eat? A Sample Dietary Plan

    by Colleen Huber, NMD I have done a fair amount, no, actually, a large amount of complaining about other doctors in this book. So now I should admit one of my own shortcomings. It’s the one that cancer patients complain to me about far more than anything else. It frustrates many of my patients that […]

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    Four Major Dietary Mistakes Made by Most Cancer Patients

    Four Major Dietary Mistakes Made by Most Cancer Patients by Colleen Huber, NMD   Given a disease as difficult as cancer, as one might imagine, the choices made by a cancer patient have tremendous impact on the course of the disease, the ease or difficulty of regaining health, indeed the very survival of the individual. […]

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    Dr. Colleen Huber discusses exercise, mitochondria, & cancer.

  • Cancer & Biochemistry 10 CoQ10 and Cancer

    Colleen Huber NMD, reviews the role of CoQ10 and Cancer.

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    Dr. Colleen Huber reviews vitmain B12 and it’s role regarding cancer.

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    Dr. Colleen Huber reviews vitmain B7 and it’s role regarding cancer.

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    Dr. Colleen Huber reviews vitmain B5 and it’s role regarding cancer.

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    VITAMIN C AND ITS ROLE AGAINST CANCER Vitamin C has been appreciated for decades for its role against cancer as a pro-oxidant, which I will talk about in this video. However, recent research has shown why vitamin C’s effect in killing cancer is more permanent than the effect of chemotherapy, and I will talk about […]

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    WHAT IS ADENINE’S ROLE AGAINST CANCER? Hello, I am Dr. Colleen Huber. It is May 18, 2018, and today I want to talk to you about a nutrient that you have likely never even heard of – adenine, which used to be called Vitamin B4, but not so much anymore, because now we know that […]

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    HOW EXACTLY DOES SUGAR FEED CANCER? If you have not seen my video on vitamins B2 and B3, you may want to look at that one to see how normal bodily processes use those two vitamins for a very essential anti-cancer process, a process that all of our normal cells undergo all the time: oxidative […]

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    In 2014, our clinic did the largest and longest study in medical history on sugar intake in cancer patients, and we still hold the record till the present: What did we find? Here is the bottom line: Cancer patients who avoided sweetened foods had more than TWICE the survival of those who consumed sweetened foods. […]

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    Dr. Colleen Huber discusses what makes cancer act differently than normal tissues and organs.

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    Dr. Colleen Huber discusses how does cancer happen & what does vitamin B1 do.

  • Cancer Can Be Killed Documentary

    Dr. Huber was recently featured in a documentary “Cancer Can Be Killed” by Jeff Witzeman. Dr. Huber and several cancer patients talk about their experience with cancer – from going to the conventional doctors and then with their experience with Dr. Huber and her team of naturopaths.  An in depth look at what to expect […]

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    Chemotherapy Increases Risk of Metastasis

    Colleen Huber, NMD It is a long-held (and heavily purchased) dogmatic belief that chemotherapy is the weapon of choice against cancer.  There are some problems with this: One, there usually is no choice given.  Newly diagnosed cancer patients are not told that there are any options other than chemotherapy.  If a patient suggests to the […]

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    What Are Your Odds When You Have Cancer?

    Colleen Huber, NMD Cancer patients ask a reasonable question:  What are my chances? It is hard to get true numbers out of oncology clinics.  As oncologist Dwight McKee MD has said, “Oncologists throw chemo at cancer for a little while, then send patients to hospice.”[1]  After several chemo drugs are tried, over the course of […]

  • Americas Best Cancer Doctors and Their Secrets

    America’s Best Cancer Doctors & Their Secrets

    America’s Best Cancer Doctors is a 2014 book that describes the best alternative cancer treatments. NatureWorksBest’s Dr. Huber is featured in chapter 3. From the book: An insider’s guide to the best alternative cancer doctors in the U.S. This Special Report gives you critical information about alternative cancer doctors and their clinics that the FDA […]

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    Choose Your Foods Like Your Life Depends On Them

    The following is a talk I gave at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, Arizona during my book signing for Choose Your Foods Like Your Life Depends On Them. “Let me tell you a little about myself and my practice. I am Colleen Huber, a Naturopathic Medical Doctor here in Tempe, Arizona. Naturopaths are physicians who […]

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  • Sugar is to Cancer as Gas is to Fire stop eating sugar and cancer stops growing.

    Sugar: The Fuel That Feeds Cancer Growth

    Sugar and Cancer is There a Connection? View the Study Colleen Huber, NMD Our clinic which focuses on holistic, naturopathic, and alternative cancer treatments conducted the largest and longest study on sugar consumption in cancer patients, and the results were stark. Previous research has shown that high blood sugar has been risky for certain types […]

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    Nutrition & Health

    Quality Whole Foods Are The Currency Of Life Whether you believe in creation, or evolution or are undecided, most of us would agree that our bodies (that is our anatomy and physiology and biochemistry – which is really just how we process food and what we do with it) is substantially the same as that […]

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    Which Sweeteners Are Healthy?

    Which Sweeteners Are Healthy? Which sweeteners are healthy to eat? Do some sweeteners cause cancer? There are many questions around natural and artificial sweeteners that we will touch on in this article. While many of the illnesses associated with cane sugar are still major health concerns especially in the United States, high fructose corn syrup […]

  • Fed Up the movie

    “Fed Up” Film Review

    “Fed Up” Film Review by Colleen Huber, NMD May 16, 2014 Fed Up is a movie that manages to present an enormous number of statistics in such an engaging way that you don’t realize to what extent you are learning and thinking through the whole 90 minutes. The subject of Fed Up is the obesity […]

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    Dr. Weston Price – Widespread Disease Is A Modern Phenomenon

    Dr. Weston Price – Widespread Disease Is A Modern Phenomenon We know from studying isolated traditional societies, people who are relatively untouched by civilization, that what is good for younger people is generally good for older people. There are some important exceptions that I will get to later. The first modern researcher to take a […]

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    Facts About Cancer That May Surprise You

    Facts About Cancer That Will Likely Surprise You With page references to The Data 1) The worst thing you can eat while having cancer is sweeteners (sugar, fructose, artificial sweeteners, honey, maple syrup, etc. But stevia is okay. (p.4) 2) It is not a good idea to postpone natural treatments until after chemotherapy stops working. […]

  • Cure For The Common Cold

    As a primary care physician and Naturopathic Medical Doctor, I have the opportunity to see the common cold in its various stages, from earliest sneezes to the poor, miserable patient whose cold has dragged on for weeks. When a cold strikes there is a small window of opportunity to turn it around, before the full […]

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    Breast Thermography Over A Mammogram?

    Breast Thermography Medical thermography is not as well known as mammography for breast cancer screening and diagnosis, but there are a number of significant advantages. It is actually more effective at these than standard mammography in certain cases. Thermography is simply a two-dimensional temperature picture of the front of the body, showing hot spots and […]

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    Sunshine or Drugs? Which is Better For Depression

    Sunshine, Food, Exercise And Supplements vs Drugs The majority of my patients who have come to me on anti-depressant drugs have been able to get off of them, with the help of some of the following recommendations. Some cases of depression are mostly the result of inadequate perfusion and thus an inadequately functioning brain. One […]

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    The Sleep Checklist: How To Help Your Body Sleep

    Make Sure Of The Following Before Considering Sleep Sedatives Don’t Ignore Thirst Early In The Day. Many people don’t feel thirsty early in the day and forget to drink water. Then, during your activities over the course of the day, you continually breathe out water vapor and continually sweat at least small unnoticeable amounts. That […]

  • How To Get Kids To Eat Healthy – Part I

    Part I During at least some of childhood the grass is definitely greener elsewhere. One of the biggest challenges to your family’s healthy lifestyle is your children’s perception that other people are privileged simply because they eat differently. The parents’ strategic awareness and preparation for the child’s fascination with the Standard American Diet (SAD) is […]

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    Halloween: How To Do It Healthier This Year

    A Healthy Halloween As a primary care physician, I see the first real wave of the cold season in the first few weeks after Halloween. Typically, patients will come in with runny nose, sore throat, cough, etc., with a story that goes something like this: “Well, the kids brought home these huge bags of Halloween […]

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    Surgery: Speed Healing With Nature’s Help

    Healing From Surgery Natures Way. First A Big Disclaimer: In this article, my intention is to help you weather surgery as successfully as my patients who have had to or chosen to undergo surgery have come out doing well. My patients on the following protocol have healed remarkably fast and well. However, the Food and […]