Herb Of The Month: Wood Betony

Herb Of The Month: Wood Betony

Wood betony
Wood betony


Wood betony or Stachys betonica was so highly prized in Europe that an Old Italian proverb advised: “Sell your coat and buy betony.”

The Medicina Britannica of the 17th century primarily extols its virtues with regard to headache, claiming that “I have known the most obstinate headaches cured by breakfasting for a month or six weeks on a decoction of Betony made with new milk and strained.”

Betony treats dyspepsia, poor appetite and indigestion, as well as internal wounds, including those of the GI tract.

Sores, including mouth sores, ulcers and boils all are indications for the use of Betony.

Wood betony was long considered to have powerful effect against evil spirits, and was planted in churchyards for this purpose. Many older churches and apothecary buildings still have wood betony growing around them to this day.

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